On Site Servicies

ATM Service $$

Need some extra CASH ?

Location: On Site ….Watch for Signs

Information Booth

Questions? Our enthusiastic volunteers would be delighted to answer your questions regarding any aspects of the festival as well as the local area and attractions.

Location: Main Entrance

Wheelchair/Scooter Rental

For your convenience Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival and MediChair Dauphin offer wheelchair and scooter rentals.

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)  9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Location: Next to Main Entrance

Shuttle Service


Shuttle Service Cost: $4.00

Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival is pleased
to provide shuttle service from the City of
Dauphin to the Festival site. There are various
Pick-up locations throughout the city for your

Shuttle service is available from Dauphin to the
Festival Site at the following times:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12:00 pm – 2:00 am
every hour

1) DRCSS, 330 Mountain Road
2) Henderson School, 911 Bond Street
3) Mr. T’s Corner Store, 1502 Mountain Road
4) Home Hardware, 421 Main Street N
5) Vermillion Park, 214 2nd Ave NW
6) 7-11, 109 Main Street S
7) Aspen Insurance, 701 Main Street S
8) A & W, 1121 Main Street S
9) Dauphin Market Place Mall, 1450 Main Street S

The starting point for the route is the Dauphin
Regional Comprehensive Secondary School
(DRCSS) and the entire pick up route takes 30
minutes. So for example the 12:00pm shuttle will
depart from the DRCSS at 12:00pm and depart
the final pick up spot, the Dauphin Market Place
Mall at 12:30pm)

Shuttle Service will be available departing from
the Festival Site to Dauphin
at the following
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12:30 pm – 2:00 am
every hour

1) Dauphin Market Place Mall
2) A & W
3) Aspen Insurance
4) 7-11
5) Vermillion Park
6) Home Hardware
7) Mr. T’s Corner Store
8) Henderson School